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    Storm Sewer Interceptor

    We monitored ground surface movement.
    We were tasked with measuring and monitoring ground surface movement while tunneling was being preformed.

    Wildlife management planning

    Use our services to establish plans for the best use of your recreational land.

    Zippin Pippin

    Project surveyor for foundation layout and as-builts.
    We coordinated with coaster designer in Ohio to ensure ?” horizontal tolerances over the 900’ long structure.

    Why you should choose Soletski SurveyingAbout Us

    Land Planning & Management, CAD Drafting, Consulting Services, Construction Staking.
    We pride ourselves in tackling your project as if it were our own. Big or small, we’ll treat you and your project with respect and personability while being mindful of your timeframe and budget.

    Notable Projects

    Project surveyer. 1996-2001
    Project surveyor for an 80 acre+, high-end residential development on it’s own lake. The project was completed over 7 phases and entailed digging a 40 acre lake that is over 30 feet deep and using the fill to raise the lots above flood plain. We handled both the surveying of the lots and the construction design/staking for the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main and roadways.
    Platted and assisted in design. 1998-2000
    Parkway Golf Course, Town of Brazeau, Oconto County: Platted and assisted in the design of Parkway Golf Course and subsequent residential lots that surround it’s fairways. Located in beautiful Northeast Oconto County, you can build your dream home on some of the most scenic terrain one can find and golf 18 holes right out your backdoor.
    Project surveyor for site boundary. 1999-2000
    Project surveyor for the boundary survey to reclaim/vacate city lots and blocks for the store site. Provided an ALTA/ACSM survey of final site.
    Boundary & topography survey. 2005
    Work performed for the United States Coast Guard. We provided boundary and topography survey on mainland portion of the ferry line landing on the tip of Door County. Survey also included isolated break wall locations and docking bulkhead.
    Construction Project surveyor. 2009
    Project surveyor for construction layout of the Fox River City Deck Renovation on the east side of the Fox River between the Ray Nitschke Bridge and the Walnut St. Bridge.
    Monitored ground surface movement. 2007
    Newberry Ct., City of Appleton: Project entailed micro-tunneling of a large diameter storm sewer interceptor line. We were tasked with measuring/monitoring ground surface movement while tunneling was being preformed.
    Project surveyor for foundation layout and as-builts. 2010
    We coordinated with coaster designer in Ohio to ensure ?” horizontal tolerances over the 900’ long structure.
    Project surveyor. 2014
    Located on St. Anthony Drive on Green Bay’s east side, this project incorporated a Certified Survey Map to split the property from the former Brown County Mental Health Center site, provide an ALTA/ACSM land title survey, onsite construction staking and an As-Built foundation survey. This project often found itself on the local television news networks as it will help to provide some much needed housing for our very deserving Veterans.

    What we can do for you.

    • Boundary surveys, plats of survey
    • Certified Survey Maps
    • Retracement and combination certified survey maps
    • Subdivision plats
    • ALTA and mortgage surveys
    • Flood Plain mitigation
    • FEMA Liaison, ie: LOMA, LOMR, LOMR-F, elevation certificates
    • Development planning
    • Residential and commercial site plans
    • Construction staking
    • Topography mapping
    • Wetland evaluations
    • Wildlife management planning
    • Land management for recreational use
    • Habitat management
    • Property wildlife evaluations

    Tracy Ondik, Professional Land Surveyor

    Tracy came to work for Soletski Surveying in early 1997 with his first noteworthy job experience being that of watching the Packers Super Bowl celebration parade. Gotta love the Packers. Over the years Tracy worked hard to represent Soletski Surveying with quality work and pride not seen by the average employee. Roles increased after being licensed in 2002 and there was really no looking back. Admittedly the hardest part of life for Tracy is remembering what hat he is wearing on any given day.

    Tracy wears many hats around the community, particularly his hometown of Gillett. He and his wife are EMT-Advanced Technicians for Gillett Area Ambulance Service, Inc. and he presently serves on it’s Board of Directors and as the department's Service Director. Tracy has actually been an EMT and active in EMS/Public Safety longer than land surveying beginning his volunteer career in 1995. Tracy serves as the Chairman of the Oconto County Emergency Medical Services Council. Tracy is equally proud of his involment in his church having held a seat on various committees as well as his current appointment to his church council.

    On top of all this is the most important of all. Tracy is a devoted Husband and Father to his young son and daughter and loves to hit the woods with them, that is unless his pager goes off for an ambulance call.

    Mike Soletski, Professional Land Surveyor

    Mike Soletski founded Soletski Surveying in 1995 after working as a Registered Land Surveyor in the Green Bay area since the 1980s. He prided himself in his professionalism and willingness to help each client, no matter how large or small their project. Mike worked hard to establish a business that represented and assisted folks from all walks of life and built a strong network of clientele who continue to support our business today. He has served on both the Brown County Planning Commission and the Howard Board of Adjustments taking on difficult issues in attempt to bring a common sense approach to leadership . In March of 2014 Mike sold the business to long-time employee Tracy Ondik who carries on the same values past clients have come to expect.

    Mike continues on in an as-needed role when he isn’t at the family cottage or promoting his various inventions. He has a wonderful family and enjoys being a Grandpa, Father and Husband. He has taken an active role in promoting small business and supports as many local organizations as he can.

    Soletski Surveying, 40+ years experience.

    Our experience and insight will provide you peace of mind that even the most difficult job can get accomplished. And upon completion, don’t be surprised if you learn something that will make your next project that much easier.

    When you hire us for your next project, you can rest assured that we bring a lot more to the table than you would ever expect or anticipate.

    We believe that what we do in our personal lives makes us better equipped to assist our clients and those that they graciously refer to us.

    Great comments we appreciateFrom Our Customers

    Contact Us

    1631 Brookfield Ave., Suite A-1
    Green Bay, WI 54313
    Office: (920) 965-0040
    FAX: (920) 965-0041
    Email: Tracy Ondik - soletskisurveying@gmail.com

    Get Directions to our Office
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